Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Druk... busy... druk... busy

These days I glance at the clock and gasped – it is already 5PM?!

Time fly so fast. Unfortunately there are still so many things to do, people to speak with, activities to arrange, meetings to set, information to gather, and so on and so forth. The objective is to catch my short tail end 100x every month. Catching this tail is a challenge in itself as my arms are never too long to reach them unless I do some back breaking antics. There is never, never enough time in this world!

With the new CRM system in place at work, there’s more work expected. I have my own targets to meet but at the same time I have to execute, I just realized today, a huge amount of administration work for this new bravura of a system. In my altruistic world, doing admin stuff is every sales person’s nightmare. Why get stuck in administrative chores when the sole purpose of your existence in the company is supposed to chase after the money? Woman, the business.

So now I have gym 3x a week, but since last week and also this week, I settled for a temporary 2x a week regimen because of other important appointments that have taken place. Dutchman has been complaining a bit, just a wee bit that we now eat later. Well, unless he starts rolling up his sleeves and getting his hands dirty in the kitchen, he will have to wait until I get home and make dinner. Normally, I spend 2 hours in the gym, so right that’s a guaranteed late dinner 3x a week.

I just bought hair colour. I need to dye my hair tomorrow.

I’m still chasing customers. Forever chasing them. Sometimes I tell myself to sit still and do nothing because I don’t want these customers to scream foul – Woman, stop harassing me! I am never shy to ask for the order. But sometimes I need to back off and this is causing me so much stress because I do not have the value of patience. Running around in circles in my mind... hold back... no, now,... no, hold back... no, now, now,... I need to do it now... I said hold back! But I want it now! GRR

The way things are now seems the list of things to do and achieve in this life will never come to a complete end. I always feel like I am running after something that I can, of course, achieve... but every time I do, the sense of satisfaction is set back to zero.

As for the financial aspect, there are many things to be arranged. There are quite a number of online banks offering 5.5% interest which is really good. On the other hand, the Belastingdienst (tax department) just sent me a letter today that I still owe them money. I thought I just paid them something a few months back? In this country, you get penalized when you don’t spend.

On the housing front, I am still searching E-V-E-R-Y S-I-N-G-L-E D-A-Y that my fingernails have tapered off from typing and clicking on “zoeken”. I now have telegraphic memory of the houses up for sale in the market. However, nothing has so far caught our fancy. I’m afraid this zoeken saga has turned into the search for the Holy Housing Grail. Sometimes, I feel the frustration building up.

There were a few houses that held our interest but the perfectionist Dutchman always managed to catch something not right in between. As for me, my demands are pretty simple (unfortunately not in Dutch standards). It must be a stand alone house with huge floor to ceiling glass windows and a yard. But helaas there are not many choices in the Netherlands, I realized. What can I do? I am so stuck in this country where typical Dutch houses are uniformed row houses, duplexes, and stand alone houses with small windows and boring designs.

Sigh. Will we ever going to find this Holy Grail of a house? With 2 individuals with very high standards set for this quest will it ever materialize?

I still have to book my hotel in Athens, print my e-ticket, and arrange a couple of last minute travel stuff. I think I need the long weekend in Athens so badly. Oh, I am so looking forward to walk all around the city, and enjoy the hopefully much better weather there. I can’t wait to indulge again in art, architecture, and history!

Which reminds me, I need to pack and I have not figured out yet what to wear and bring, and I am leaving in less than 72 hours. I am not looking forward to packing really but I am looking forward to shopping new boots for winter in Greece.

There’s golf clinic and a dinner event the day before I fly and I can’t make up my mind if I take the train or the car during this day. I want to drink alcohol! So that means I can’t drive or I have to get all boozed up really early and abstain in the last 3-4 hours before I sit sober in front of the wheel. This trivial thing is actually a point in my supposedly busy schedule! lol

Then Dutchman asked me tonight if I am going to do the grocery shopping tomorrow for next week since tomorrow is the only day I am available before I fly out of the country. Well too bad honey, tomorrow I am going to the gym!

We did household cleaning last weekend and we promised to each other to do this general cleaning every 2 weeks. A weekly thing would be too much to ask for our lazy butts. Weekends are supposed to be sleeping-in times. I am not sure if promises are made to be broken because we seem to have broken this promise a gazillion times.

With that, I desperately need and want a maid!!! I am actually in the brink of compromising – the maid costs goes to my pocket.

On other domestic news, more tasks are piling up, same with my clothes – lots needed to be ironed, to be folded, to be hung in the closet. On the other hand Dutchman could not understand why I needed to have so many shoes and he has ultimately lost count of my clothes -- he does the washing that is why. He has come to a point that he doesn’t really care anymore that I have have turned one of our bedrooms into my personal walk-in closet. One wall just literally rows of closets and 3/4 of the space are mine.

Then Dutchman also reminds me we need to make a decision ASAP, like this month, no next week, if we are going to the Philippines in December so we can book the flights ASAP. I’m torn apart as I am eyeing my overachievement bonus and didn’t want to take a leave – lol – I actually wanted to work my ass off! Goodness gracious, I need a loyalty award from my boss. But then again I will probably be told that I am being selfish as I want the money for myself.

The car now needs her every 15,000 kilometers maintenance check – need to set an appointment this week, or maybe next week.

I am glad I am done with my dentist and dental hygienist appointments because that means I have now room to set appointments with my general practitioner for other matters.

Lately, I seem or have been sleeping less...

What else?

Oh, there’s people to email, call, reconnect, and more. I am so terrible with friendships and relationships. ARGH. I am too focused on myself, my own life, my own world. I live in my own self-centered universe and I forget there are other people around me that wanted too some attention.

At any rate, there’s just so many on the plate right now. I better get started. But, i
t was therapeutic to write though.

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