Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rietlandpark Tram Stop

It is a cold early autumn evening (yup, there is still light!) waiting for the IJtram in Rietlandpark tram stop to Amsterdam Centraal Station and then change over to an intercity train going to Utrecht Centraal Station.

Rietlandpark Tram Stop corner Piet Heintunnel and Piet Heinkade near Llyods Hotel. I just recently learned to appreciate this tram stop. It is my first time to take the tram here although I pass by the area many times going to work, to the gym and to nearby shops and cafes. It is pretty, modern, and minimalist. Definitely my style. That noticeable transparent glass vestibule is the lift (elevator).

I just arrived from a trip abroad and it is not always easy to lug a large suitcase in public, especially on cobbled streets, inside trams and trains and crossing tram railways.

But thank heavens, in the Netherlands there is always a ramp, an escalator or a lift (translated as elevator, someone actually asked me what a lift is and realized the term is so European) available in every tram and train station. Planning, organization, vooruit kijken and vooruit denken is just so so Dutch. The Netherlands is probably the most handicap and aged friendly country, and let me add this too, traveler-with-large-suitcase friendly country in the world.

Speaking of handicaps, yesterday I saw a middle age blind man walking alone, with just his stick as companion. He was doing his slow morning walk in our neighborhood. It makes me smile.

Visit Period: October 2008
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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