Saturday, October 11, 2008

Typically Dutch 003


Kermis in Maliebaan, Utrecht sometime in the summer, mid-July 2008.

Traveling funfairs or carnivals (kermis) are all over the Netherlands. They are usually not that big in size, but are not also that small. Some ask for an entrance fee of €1,00 while others, like the one we have been to in Maliebaan, Utrecht, did not.

My nieces and nephew (whom I refer to before as little ones, apparently are not little anymore, they have now outgrown me!) visited the kermis also, just the other week in the village where they lived. Its very popular with the children.

The candy shop. I would be ecstatic if I was a kid looking at this, but I had my own share of cotton candy ;-)

I still remember my childhood days with these events. In the Philippines we call these funfairs, carnivals and my favorite ride back then was the ferris wheel. My parents won’t let us kids alone out for the evening and they are also too lazy to go out with us to the carnival so I beg to go out with our maids. Unfortunately, I am at the mercy of what our maids fancy for a ride as they have the money.

Stuff toys giveaway if you win the game which you have to pay, and this ride, Dutchman and I had fun watching the kids scream while eating our snack: pouch of Patat Oorlog (Dutch verion of unhealthy fast food - deep fried fries with Dutch mayo, curry ketchup, and chopped onions).

Looking back, I would be at awe at all the rides, games, toys, blinking lights and loud colors at the carnival but strolling along Maliebaan in Utrecht, I somehow did not share the same enthusiasm as I have had some 25-30 years ago. Well, except for the cotton candy.

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