Saturday, November 29, 2008

Indian Cool and Ladyboys

There was some Indian theme going on in Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam 2 weeks ago when we were there for lunch on a Friday. They made a gazebo out of tin cans which was placed right by the entry hallway from the small hotel lobby to the café restaurant. The hanging tin cans remind me of thermos pack lunches in the early 70’s.

A really nice work of contemporary display art and me squinting my eyes. My colleagues have actually started to wonder why I take so many fotos every time and every where. Of course, I never dared to tell them I have this blog to post them to ;-). Fotos taken by my Nokia phone.

What’s cool with this design is the mini-TV’s inside the tin cans! It was really impressive, creative, unique, well thought of and resourceful for the artist, I reckon. The first time for me to see such minuscule teles! Really cool.

The back of the café restaurant was transformed into a snug lounge area, quite inviting in fact, and the pillows and curtains were of Indian inspired design and were made of glossy and bright Indian fabrics.

Then we saw a group of Indian ladies dressed in traditional Indian garb pass by. They caught my attention as they all look quite different to me, bigger, chunkier, taller, and their eyes and facial features were hard and sharper than normal, hmmm.

I whispered to my two colleagues and told them the Indian ladies are ladyboys.

“Huh, how would you know that?” the two chorused seeming to read each other’s minds as their curiosity piqued.

“Trust me, I am Asian, I just know.”

Well, well, they do not want to believe me? They even swore saying I am wrong, TOTALLY wrong. Whatever. I think they just do not see it, they do not have the gift of seeing it, haha. No wonder there are so many European guys in Asia getting scammed thinking they went to bed with a gal when she, or rather he was a ladyboy. Ignorance is bliss.


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