Thursday, November 27, 2008

Leersumse Veld

A couple of weeks back Dutchman and I went for a walk in Leersumse Veld in Utrechtse Heuvelrug forest. This nature park is monstrous in size and has many pockets of walking trails and fields that stretches from Hilversum down to Rhenen. One of this is the Leersumse Veld of course.

The national road through the forest and next foto is a snapshot of the entrance to the Leersumse forest.

It was a nice walk as autumn was in full bloom at that time. Leaves in bright colors were everywhere as far as my eyes can see... yellow, orange, red orange, brown... autumn is undeniably my favorite season of the year. I just love walking in the forest. It is very still and the exercise helps empty my active mind (which at times is strained too).

Leersumse veld is a 6-kilometer walking trail which is about a 90-minute walk.

I just love this mushroom foto.Here are some more fotos taken during our walk: Leersumse Veld in Utrecht Heuvelrug, Utrecht, The Netherlands

I am in the phase of my life that I need more quality time communing with nature. Walking, as we all know, is a very healthy way of exercising without putting much effort. What better way then to spend a weekend like this. The more we pile up years to our age it’s become vital that we observe a vigorous and healthy lifestyle. I know first hand how easy it is to slack behind and get lazy!

Anyway, after the walk, my stomach was grumbling. I was famished and craving for the wrong thing, the unhealthy, greasy and fatty patat! Patat is the Dutch version for French fries. These fries are slightly larger than the fastfood French fries and smaller than the Belgian-Flemish fries.

The snack bar in the middle of the forest... cool huh.

We didn’t have money with us so we went to the nearest town to withdraw from an ATM and while on the road, we found this snack bar in the middle of the forest just by the main road. After having taken money, we drove back to the snack bar and had our filling patat. Not really the healthiest option available but yummy!

In Dutch, I would call the patat snack as something lekker verdiend after the walk. We deserved the little treat. After all, it was just a normal potato fries serving (stop thinking in calories!); it wasn’t even near as anything like debauchery. So I should loosen up the paranoia a bit and enjoy sometimes the little greasy things in life ;-)

Visit Period: October 2008
Destination: Leersumse Veld (Utrechtse Heuvelrug - Utrecht), The Netherlands

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