Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Markets in Prague, and the Food!

Yup, I was in Prague last weekend and I have so many stories to tell about my visit.

True to its fame, Prague is indeed a fairy tale city. I could imagine kings and queens, prince and princesses, knights, magicians, personalities from the old world prancing about in this place. It’s a magical place and no wonder there are so many visitors here.

Because its December ergo the Christmas season, there was a Christmas Market in the Old Town Square or Staromestske Namesti. I love Christmas Markets so it was a delight to see the stalls, and of course the food!

Of course, it’s just apt to start my Prague entries with the Christmas Market as Christmas is fast approaching.

Out of curiousity I sampled a piece of ‘Trdelnik’ or ‘Trdlo’, a cinnamon coated delicacy. It was okay I thought. I am not really fond of sweet pastry stuff but it was something I vowed to try as it was local and popular. I have read that this pastry ring is a new invention mainly targeted for tourists (trap?) . They are usually sold during big outdoor events in the city and is not a traditional treat to begin with?

I was eyeing on some ‘Langose’. It’s a deep fried bread cake that looks like a pizza but I never got to try it. The deep fried dough is served with garlic, ketchup, and cheese toppings. I also heard that this is actually a Hungarian treat although many Czechs would for sure debate its origins.

I will blog more about Prague later but let me post some fotos of the traditional foods in the Christmas markets there. Not that I am a believer of Christmas but it’s a nice time and way to end the year.

Christmas Market on the Old Town Square.

Cinnamon ring pastry: Trdelnik or Trdlo.

Yummy eats!

Meat grilling is a Czech thing I suppose.

This is another Christmas Market located near the main shopping street.

Travel Period: December 2008

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