Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kerstfeest Kantoor 2008

We just had our Christmas Party at work and I’m sure almost all company Christmas parties will happen this week. Ours was an interesting one. We first had some wine at work (company always stock wine for end of the week borrels).

Strike a pose for the camera ladies! I truly wish I am taller like the other ladies here and I am already wearing high heels =(

Then we went to a pub for the next round of drinks. After that, we had seated fine dining at 2-star Michelin (Chef Ron Blauw) Palazzo complete with amazing theatrical shows such as comedy scenes, special musical numbers, aerial acrobatics and synchronized trapeze acts. Great entertainment while you dine. Really, really cool and impressive!

I will post some of the fotos and videos of the show acts another time as I don’t have a great deal of time right now. Also, as seen here, I have blurred the faces of my colleagues. I want them of course anonymous in this blog.

And today, I was looking at these pictures at work and comparing them to the pictures taken during our launching last May and realized I have indeed lost a lot of kilos... well, except for my face that still seems to be nicely round. ARGH. A few more kilos I think and I will see some real cheekbones ;-)

Here is a close up foto with two of my male colleagues.

Strange, I look like Chinese here.

This is my somewhat drunk face. I turn red when I am past 2 glasses. Can be embarassing sometimes!

OK, I had enough of booze but surprisingly I did not have a katter. Maybe because the wines were so good? Wait, no, excellent is the right word. The connoisseurs will swear on this I am sure -- when you’ve had enough or too much excellent wine for the evening you will never experience hangover the next day.

In summary, it was a beautiful night.

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