Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Where to?

I’m going away for a few days; a long weekend to rejuvenate myself (my feet are itching! while Dutchman will be working on this particular weekend, poor thing!). Somewhere where I can totally relax my own way, enjoy some history, indulge in a little bit of art and architecture, walk – oh I love to walk – and shop for an evening dress.

OK, so right now I’m torn apart.

Should I go to Antwerp? (It’s nearer and I can even drive)

How about Paris? (Oh, the signature discount shops I vowed to scour, Le Marais... and Paris has been on my mind lately)

Why not Prague? (Fairytale city; a promising shopping venue for an evening dress, plus I have yet to visit this place)

Decisions, decisions, decisions... *sigh*. I need to make a decision before Wednesday... tickets, hotels, and all.

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