Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just back from the Alps!

Hi, just back yesterday from the Alpine mountains after a looooooooooong drive from Austria and through Germany with uber crazy STAU near the borders and into Germany just before the highway split to Nuremburg and Regensburg. STAU is the Deutsch word meaning TRAFFIC JAM. In Dutch, the word is FILE, pronounced as fee-leh. Utrecht, Netherlands to Tirol, Austria and vice versa is about 11.5 hours car drive factoring in traffic, three stopovers and refueling at an everage speed of a safe and economical 120 KM/per hour.

What is quite interesting on the trip back were the herd of PL, CZ, and H luxurious cars causing heavy traffic. With the open borders now, the moneyed in the former communist East bloc have finally discovered Austria as a wintersport holiday destination. Come February and March, it’s the Dutch turn to clog the autobahns and annoy the Germans with their yellow plates, lol.

So, a week of winter ski vacation in the Alps... well, we got snowed in on the third day, the slopes were windy and misty on the fourth and there was almost no visibility while many ski lifts were closed. I sprained my neck by the way after a female skier and two male snowboarders, all on different occasions came crashing on me. I think it was the last snowboarder that hit me hard where I got my sprained neck. Thing is, they all hit me... I did not hit them :-(

Here are a few videos I took during our downward drive from Gerlos to the Ziller Valley (in Tirol province). Gerlos where we stayed is a small Alpine village in the Austrian Zillertaler Alps about 1300 meters above sea level.


This is just right after passing Gmund in Gerlos going down to the Ziller Valley.


This is halfway down to the Ziller Valley passing through Gerlossteinwand village.


Passing through Hainzenberg village (I think) just before reaching Zell am Ziller village in the Ziller Valley.


Passing through Zell am Ziller town in the Ziller Valley. We have been here 3 years ago where we stayed in nearby Aschau village but we always took the Zell am Ziller lift to the ski slopes.

Of course, more fotos, videos, and stories next!

Have a HUGE backlog of my travel entries since December and I still need to organize my fotos and videos but nothing I worry about as I like doing them during my spare time. Juggling (fulltime) work, home, and many other personal and domestic chores are not always an easy task but it always helps when you enjoy and look forward to your daily internet time at home ;-)

We did not miss the internet though in the Alps – there was internet in our chalet but it was secured and onsidering we brought our laptops, it was strange indeed that we did not even bothered to ask getting online.

Dutchman told me -- we are not hardcore internet slaves after all. Hmm, what a cool revelation.

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