Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Prague: Amazing buildings in Stare Mesto

Amsterdam to Prague is just over an hour’s flight. When the KLM pilot informed the cabin crew to take their seats for landing, I right away looked out the window but helaas I only see a blanket of white. It is supposed to be snowing in Prague so I can understand that visibility from the window is almost zero. Then, as the plane slowly glided down losing more altitude, I saw landscape formation, in immaculate expanse. The fields, trees, and houses covered in white snow slowly emerged from our sight as our plane meets the runway.

Wow, this has got to be the most magical landing I have had so far.

My favourite building on the old town square.

After collecting my luggage I boarded a cab to the centre. It is snowing in Prague and taking the train and bus would be the last thing in my agenda. I took a shared taxi service and paid 480 CZ one-way. The roads in Prague are narrow and not well maintained compared to the Netherlands. It is something that will right away strike you upon arrival. Infrastructure here is somewhat behind.

The drive was half an hour and I was at my hotel around 10 in the morning. I didn’t waste time. After settling down a bit in my hotel room, I was ready to hit the streets.

My agenda for the day: Explore Stare Mesto, the old town district of Praha.

I didn’t have a lot of expectations for Prague but when I set my foot on the streets of Stare Mesto, I was amazed at what welcomed me. BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING ARCHITECTURE!

The old buildings were all a feast to my eyes and surely to my camera as well. So grand, so opulent yet so dainty, fragile, and feminine. The unchanged old town centre looks and feels like a town straight out from a fairy tale book.

Baroque, Renaissance, Rococo and Romanesque styled buildings, they all come in rows of pastel colours. What an incredible festival of architectural and art influences.

Enough of the babbling, let me know you my photos:

My view from my hotel room window. It is snowing outside.

Travel Period: December 2008
Destination: Prague, Czech Republic

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