Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Quick (Bavaro) Beach Getaway in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

For the first time (or perhaps the longest time?) in my life, I went on a holiday, well, a semi-holiday because this is business related, and I was trapped inside the resort. Yup, I just stayed inside the resort and never went anywhere else! Goodness gracious.

Early preparations for a wedding ceremony and reception at the Bavaro beach front. Too bad, I was not able to witness the actual wedding.

On the first resort day, I went for a relaxing stroll on the beach and took some fotos. For this trip, I was not able to bring back a lot of pictures because I am always forgetting my camera in my hotel room. If not, I was too busy fixing my concentration on the booze the whole time, lol.

The resort hotels in the Caribbean and in the Dominican Republic are what Europeans would call, truly American-style. The all-in type of exclusive accommodations in a very pricey private resort where everything, from dining to entertainment et al happens inside the resort, and outside, there is really nothing much to see and do.

I guess outside of the resort would be any or a combination of the following: a) a dead end road b) a major shock and disillusionment: an introduction to the real face of poverty c) a deserted boondocks area d) an explore-at-your-own-risk kind of adventure.

I cannot seem to put a finger on this though as to why many Americans are crazy about luxurious holidays in an exclusive resort set up, while many Europeans on the other hand prefer something more low-key, and venturing out there and mixing with the locals. The latter though is more my kind of thing but I am not saying I am not enjoying the resort type holiday. I guess I get more fulfillment if I get out there and explore.

So for the entire week, I was tied down to meetings in the mornings and organized social responsibilities in the afternoon, which tend to go on like forever until late into the evening, and even in the wee hours in the morning. Ooops, I have said too much, haha.

My original plan was to do a quick visit to Santo Domingo, the capital of the island, but it was impossible with the tight schedule I am running. The only private time I had after work stuff and the obligatory socials was one afternoon where I escaped to the Spa, and one early morning when I managed to jog around the property.

The pictures below are the beach pictures...

Travel Period: January 2009
Destination: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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