Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chasing the stress away for the spring holiday

How timing! Flying Dutchman frequent flyers magazine is featuring Morocco with a long article discussion on Essaouira and of course Marrakech!

Magazine caption translation - Morocco, Saida: “My country is the most beautiful country.”

I am going with a girl friend and our plane tickets and hotels were already booked a couple of weeks ago. However, I have not yet gotten myself to face up the upcoming spring holiday because I am still wrestling various obstacle relay matches at work that includes irritations, misinterpretations, long string of email battles (ha-ha combative mood, can you relate?) and raising my voice!

ARGHHHHHH! I hate office politics!

I’m telling my stubborn, strong willed, aggressive self to back off a bit so I won’t bite off an ear. The backing off, and even just the thought of it, is enough to cause me so much STRESS.

The guy sitting in front of me suggested I should take up knitting as a hobby to help improve my (im)patience but I told him if I follow his suggestion it will be the marking of lunacy for me.

SIGH. I badly need a holiday break! Be somewhere else physically where I don’t have to think about the business. I am only seeing Pounds, Euros and Dollars signs right now... plus the highly volatile movement of the exchange rate which is actually the catalyst of all this confusion. And the chasing of everything else of course, how could I forget. It just never stops. All I know it’s not healthy anymore.

So, with all this headache-stress, I really thought I was going to be sick today. At some point, I felt I was having chills. A colleague confronted me, “Go look at yourself in the mirror, you are tired, go wash your eyes, go home.” Um, wash my eyes? I can only surmise they are bloodshot red because of the stress.

However, business-wise, and against all the odds - the economic slowdown and a very glum market forecast, my own business is doing quite well. (I don’t see my work as work, I see it as my own business)

But right now I seriously need to start prepping myself up for the upcoming trip and channeling my energy to thinking only of fascinating Kasbahs, aromatic mint teas, cross dressing belly dancers, camels, and shape-shifting sand dunes of the Sahara otherwise I will rupture into insanity and declare, “Ik ben overspannen!” (I am burned out!). Afterwhich I take out a 6-month sabbatical aka burned-out leave.

OH GOD FORBID. HELL NO. NO WAY. I refuse to be part of that overspannen clique.

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