Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Daliborka Tale and Prague’s Crimson Roofs

The Daliborka Tower has an interesting story about Knight Dalibor.

I had the chance to explore the dungeon tower he was held prisoner and stories said that he was probably the first prisoner in Daliborka Tower. He was detained due to rebellion where he spent his days learning to play the violin. Soon rumors about the beautiful yet sad melodies he played spread. Many locals would come and gather under the tower to listen, and some even brought him food.

Dalibor’s daily diet normally consists of bread and water, given to him by the guards. However, with the new variety of food the people brought him every day he surely was well fed and pampered.

In the coming days, Dalibor became so popular with the people that the authorities were scared to announce his fate, which should have been death.

I am not sure how the tale ended really...

Anyway, I descended the ramparts and caught these breath taking views of Prague’s crimson roofs:

Around and below the castle fortifications there are vineyards grown. There are also terraced gardens and I believe I quickly visited the Royal Garden as well.

Travel Period: December 2008

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