Monday, March 23, 2009

The Golden Lane inside the castle grounds

The Golden Lane (Zlata Ulicka) is a narrow alleyway with tiny shops selling locally made handidrafts inside the Prague castle grounds.

It somewhow awakens the child in you. Maybe because of the bright and colourful hues of the little shops. They are best fit for small people. It just evokes fairy tales, legends and dwarfs, that sort of thing.

The houses are built at the end of the 16th century. The writer Franz Kafka lived here on house number 22. The house is now a memorial exhibiting his works.

So how did this street gets its name?

Legend says alchemists used to live on this street and one named Uhle was secretly experimenting on turning metals into gold. One day the residents heard a big explosion coming from his house. When they arrived at his premises they found him dead and a golden bar which turned out to be gold.

I also discovered the traditional Czech spa wafers sold by a street vendor by the entrance to the Golden Lane. They were still fresh and warm. A nice in between snack. Sadly I did not have pictures of this spa wafer.

Here are the pretty houses:

People back then were so small???

Old house of Franz Kafka.

Travel Period: December 2008

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