Thursday, March 26, 2009

Low-key Christmas Market under the bridge in Mala Strana

In December last year, I was in Prague, Czech Republic. After spending the whole day in Mala Strana, the neighborhood across the old town, I checked out the Christmas Market located under the Charles Bridge.

The market was nice and low-key. I made sure I had my gluhwein with me as I toured around the place.

Then for dinner, I tried the traditional Prague ham. I have been eyeing this piece of crunchy meat all day long. Grilled in open-flame and meat carved directly from the pig when you order it! Delicious.

I then sat down on a bench and watched a group of country folk musicians playing on stage. With my second cup of warm gluhwein in my hand, I just sat there, enjoying my surroundings, and taking in the whole merry ambience.

The music on the podium was new to my ears. I do not even understand a single thing as it was in Czech. It came to a point that the people in front of me and around me were dancing. Everyone suddenly was in high spirits! It felt so surreal. The music, the lights, everybody swirling, laughing, clapping... I felt so mesmerized and sucked into the whole moment, that I truly wanted it not to end.

Christmas Market under the bridge.

Last shot of Mala Strana as I walk back to my hotel.

Travel Period: December 2008

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