Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday Market in Amiens

On my way to Normandy I had a lunch stopover in Amiens. The city is the capital of the Picardie region in the department of Somme about 115 kilometres north of Paris.

I have been on the road for more than 4 hours already. The standard safety advice for motorists driving long distance is to pull over every 2 hours. To my knowledge, not everyone does this really but those massive truckers I believe they go by the rules as they are checked regularly.

There are four items I wanted to see and do in Amiens:

1) Check out the Saturday market
2) Have lunch
3) Walk around town
4) Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral

Parking was relatively easy and cheap. If only parking is as cheap as in the Netherlands! So after finding parking, I strolled a bit, just to gather my bearings. Because the city centre is small it was easy peasy to find my way around. I right away spotted the square with cosy cafes terraces and I already found the café I want to have lunch in but first I need to check out the Saturday market.

I just totally love markets! And I was lucky enough that Amiens has a Saturday market that runs until late in the afternoon.

The Amiens market was not really that smashing. I have been to better ones of course but this market is also fine in my books. All French markets are anyway.

What is it about them that I like? Well, I just love the hustle and bustle in the market places. The gorgeous colours of the fruits and vegetables in season. The whole camaraderie between the sellers and the buyers. The petit cafes and terraces along the streets as well. It’s just so delightful to see and experience all of them in one place.

Oh, I guess it’s time for lunch? See you for lunch in my next entry...

Travel Period: May 2009

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