Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Normandy Roadtrip

Hi, I just got back from a lovely long weekend road trip in enchanting Normandy! Foto below is taken at Le Mont St. Michel.

On my last day in the region I got a SMS from the Dutchman and I can’t help but express my sheer amusement.

Sooo typically Dutchman: “Zit je nog in een stoffige Franse dorp of ben je al onderweg?” Translation: Are you still in a dusty --he actually meant stale and decomposing-- French village or are you on the way back?

You know, it’s very hard to convince someone who has seen the world, or rather, every nook and cranny of France in this case.

More fotos and stories to follow soon...

Travel Period: May 2009
Destination: Le Mont St. Michel (Lower Normandy), France

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