Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Zadelstraat in Utrecht

One of my favorite streets in Utrecht Center: Zadelstraat

This street has a very local jive unchanged throughout the folds of time that gives me a really nice feeling when I wander in here.

I’ve come to love this street way back when I found a shop selling dazzling signature shoes (helaas the shop closed!). Since then, I’ve shopped other notable finds here, the latest, well actually this was sometime back, a large hand-made embroidered shawl from India. The owner of the boutique was a friendly and chatty gentleman. He told me he usually goes to exotic tradeshows around the world every couple of months for his boutique supplies.

Zadelstraat offers a great perpendicular panorama of Utrecht’s treasure, the 12th century Dom Tower.

This stretch of a street bids a couple of cafe-restaurants with open-air terraces, gift shops, home and furniture shops, antiques, ateliers, leather shop, specialty boutiques, traditional Dutch drugstore, clothes store for men and women, shoe store and even an organic food shop.

I’ve had many fotos taken of this street but these were taken less than two weeks ago by my Nokia Nav phone when I rushed to buy a birthday gift for my niece (who’s 13 and taller than me!) on a Saturday morning.

Visit Period: May 2009

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