Friday, June 19, 2009

39!!!! and something Typically Dutch (007): Soesjes

OK I turned 39 today but I still feel like 18, hehe.

Because it’s my birthday, I brought treats to the office today. This is by the way typically Dutch to treat colleagues on your birthday with a cake – usually with a Dutch taart or vlaai. Filipinos do the same thing, they order noodles (means long life, got the practice from the Chinese) and the favorites are Pancit Palabok or Pancit Canton.

So I brought Strawberry filled tart, Apple Cream tart and SOESJES! Pronounced as soo-shuh (singular), soo-shuhs (plural).

Soesjes are small doughnut balls filled with cream, custard or ice cream. They’re a bit like cream puffs (used to buy them at Le France in Cebu during my younger years, just 2 decades ago!) except that soesjes are softer in texture. They are very popular in the Netherlands as snacks and desserts.

I’ve also read that this pastry actually originated in Italy during the Medieval Period. The Dutch would probably argue that it’s theirs. The French I am sure too.


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