Friday, July 24, 2009

Cebuano Cuisine Part 1 and Meet-Ups

It is unbelievable to see unsecured Wi-Fi proliferate all over Cebu City. Every coffee shop is offering free Wi-Fi where people flock to with their laptops by day each ordering only 1 latte for the next 4 hours. Dutchman said if he was the owner of the coffee shop he would have kicked them out, lol.

Anywho, I am on a Cebuano Cuisine pilgrimage in this Philippine holiday trip. This will be PART 1 of hopefully many other Cebuano Cuisine entries.

The famous Cebuano Mango (very sweet and melts in your mouth!) and Budbud (sticky rice) with Sikwate (Cocoa drink made from freshly grind cocoa seeds, this is as organic as you can go) of Cafe Laguna. Waiting for our dinner in Hukad with banana leaves on our plates. Hukad is a new Filipino restaurant in Ayala Terraces. Hukad means SERVE (the meal). And Hilton's Halo-Halo! Bean, Coconut, Jello, Ube topped with crushed ice, milk and ice cream.

Bingka with white cheese and grated coconut on the side (Rice pancake - there are many varieties in the Philippines and the best one is found in the Tagalog region with cheese and salted egg in it). A plate of steamed local vegetables, my favourite!!! - Okra (lady's fingers), Aubergine, Bitter Melon, Yam (sweet potato) leaves garnished with diced tomatoes and onions, and Ginamos (fish sauce). Vegetable Lumpia with Cebuano style dip - vinegar and red hot chili.

I have also met up with my long time bestfriend who is 5 months pregnant, her 3rd child. Her eldest is 12 years old and the second is 7. I will be the godmother for the upcoming baby and that reminds me of my other godson who should be 21 years old this year. Goodness heavens, time have indeed flew out the window so fast? I feel old.

Me and Badiday who is 5 months preggy (hope its a boy this time), my little rascal nephew and his water taxi toy and Jollibee!

More Cebuano Culinaire to come soon...

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