Saturday, July 18, 2009

Grilled Prawns and a Muscadet in Honfleur, France

Back in May I was on a roadtrip in Normandy and I had one of the most loveliest lunch there, in Honfleur.

On the harbour where all the pretty restaurants are located, I spied a nice restaurant. I want to sit along the quay but it looks its full, luckily there is a table available on the street. My seating was actually perfect; I had a nice view of the road and the jetty overlooking to the other side and the terraces before me.

Checking on the menu I was not sure what to order but saw the chef’s suggestion of the day – Grilled prawns in pesto sauce. Hmm, it sounds delectable. I ordered a small bottle of Muscadet from the Loire Valley as well. I heard about the Loire Valley, a beautiful and historical place with many castles. A place that Dutchman I am sure loathes but I absolutely will admire.

Lunch was super lovely! The grilled prawns in pesto sauce were 5 stars out of 5. I cannot have enough of it. The Muscadet white wine, 4 stars.

I so love long lunches, sitting under a parasol with a glass of wine, nice weather (it is May, spring, just perfect weather) and watching people and just letting time pass by. Lunches are always an important aspect of my holidays. I relish them.

While enjoying the last sip of my Muscadet, my mobile made a noise.

‘Ah, a message. Hmm, who could it be?’

Oh, it is the Dutchman. He wants me to go home.

Okay, I just had a little bottle of Muscadet and I am not fit to drive just yet. So I guess I need to kill time and wander around the pretty little streets of Honfleur again before I hit the road and drive back to the flatlands.

Here are a few fotos of the restaurant area along the harbour and moi:


Travel Period: May 2009
Destination: Honfleur (Lower Normandy), France

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