Friday, July 17, 2009

Little pretty streets of Honfleur and some Cider please

After savouring the beauty of Honfleur’s magnetic harbour, I went exploring the narrow alleyways. I found them very charming and inviting.

Calvados regional products and bottles of cider are sold in every liquor shop.

At the back of the beautiful buildings that adorned the harbour is the Saint Catherine Church that is made of wood. The Church has a very catchy design. I sat inside the church here for a while watching people go in and pray, some take pictures of the interior while others were lighting candles.

Sainte-Catherine's Bell Tower beside the hotel covered in moss. The Bell Tower is separate from the church which is located right across the street. The church is all made of wood.

The little narrow streets of Honfleur is filled with beautiful houses and I saw this really cool atelier selling stools pimped with shells, plastic trinkets and what have you. There are also so many delightful specialty and gastronomic shops selling locally produced products from the region.

I stopped by a wine and liquor store and bought a bottle of the famous drink in the Calvados region, Cider. Give me wine anytime! Er, mojitos, caipirinha, straight shots of tequila, whiskey and rum, I take them too =). But, I am in Normandy, in the Calvados region where cider reigns as the king of all alcoholic beverages, thus in order to get the most of this travel experience, I am sticking to local for now. Good call in buying the cider!

Here are the pictures I took of Honfleur town:


Here is the Saint Catherine Church in wood and the hotel covered in green:

Here are more pictures of Honfleur:


Travel Period: May 2009
Destination:  Honfleur (Lower Normandy), France

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