Thursday, August 20, 2009

Calabarzon: Tagaytay 9 years ago

I have mentioned in my earlier entry that my Cebu and Bantayan vacation fotos were gone. We copied all the fotos to a USB stick but something went totally wrong when I accessed the files. Anyway, I have an appointment with my mother this Friday (she’s a very busy business woman!) and I will try to remotely access her laptop and see if I can copy and transfer the fotos, if not I will have to ask her to copy them to another USB stick and send by post mail. This is really an example of Murphy’s Law =(

So while waiting for my Cebu and Bantayan vacation fotos, I’m posting the only 6 fotos I have of Tagaytay, taken almost 9 years ago. Wow that’s how long ago these memories were. I think I shot more fotos but this was pre-digital camera days and I had to scan each picture and store them in my computer. Miraculously a few of them survived. I actually have very few pre-digital age fotos scanned.

Taal Volcano, an active volcano within a caldera in the middle of Lake Taal in Batangas. Travel excursions to hike to the volcano are available for tourists. A row of fierce looking pimped jeepneys in Tagaytay.

Fruits stalls selling fruits of the season along the roads of Tagaytay. Banana reminds me always of my mom because she loves them.

Lush mountains of Tagaytay and these fields in the valley are pineapple plantations as seen from the main road.

When I brought Dutchman to Tagaytay in the Calabarzon Region (acronym for the following towns, Cavite-Laguna-Batangas-Rizal-Quezon) he was like, OK is this all it? He was clearly not very amused of the place. He’s a beach lover so perhaps that’s why, and the Taal volcano, he didn’t really care. The views were nice he admits but helaas he isn’t the mountaineering type. I think he enjoyed more the ride from Manila to Tagaytay and vice versa, the scenery, the locals, and even the pineapple plantation we stopped to view. These he enjoyed more.

I know exactly what he likes in a village, town or city. Like every European they love staying outside when the weather is nice, sitting in open-air cafes and restaurants, having a drink, people watching, street musicians playing beautiful music wafting in the air.... you get the drift.

Anyway, I told Dutchman it’s too hot (and humid -- sticky! ugh!) in the Philippines to be staying outside that’s why malls are popular because people are dying to take refuge in the coolness of the air-conditioning away from the sharp rays of the sun. But I guess Tagaytay would be an exception, right. The climate there is cooler and fresher is it not.

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