Sunday, August 02, 2009

Cebuano Cuisine Part 2: Larsian

Larsian is probably one of the food invention that is close to home for every true blooded Cebuano. The Larzian plaza comprises of food stalls selling meat and fish for barbecueing. Cebuanos love barbecue; anything that has to do with grilling food is simply a Cebuano thing.

The new Larsian is now in A.S. Fortuna in Mandaue City.

Pork, chicken, fish, squid barbecue. The secret of Cebuano barbecue is the sauces used in marinating the meat.

When I was a kid, during Sundays after church my parents sometimes bring us to the only burger chain in town, Orange Brutus. This is the branch in Fuente Circle and I sometimes ask for a barbecue in Larsian, which is beside Orange Brutus, instead of a burger.

Puso ug barbecue in Cebuano - hanging rice and barbecue

We were serenaded by a blind man.

I also frequent the Larsian near the University of San Carlos - Main which is a cozy native hut but done nicely right across the school at the back of Alemars. In the Talamban campus (University of San Carlos - Technological Center) which is my main campus by the way we also have a couple of smaller version of Larsians scattered around the school, one across up in the hills and another one before the entrance near the Dona Rita Village. Oh dear, I still remember the places! Those were the days, some 20-25+ years ago!!!

Larsian have now moved to A.S. Fortuna in Mandaue City. I have not checked the Larsians near USC -Main and TC if they are still there (I wish I could go inside the school and reminisce my old school days!) and I have not also seen any Orange Brutus lately?

Its Sunday today and I will be going to the beach with the family for a nice beach brunch then later in the evening we will have our own little Larsian (barbecuing!) at home.

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