Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lovely day to eat outside

It’s a wonderful feeling to relax, in the living room with candles flickering across the room when everything is clean and in order. I promised Dutchman that starting today and every weekend, we will clean one room. Cleaning also means getting rid of stuff that we hardly use. I’m not the sentimental type so I can easily throw things away, the problem with me is that I am lazy and rarely do this exercise and of course with the things I accumulate through time, it’s a challenge to keep a house uncluttered.

Personally I love a bare house, stripped from any bric-a-brac. And I adore the monochromatic scheme; black and white and earth tones. So I’m looking around the house right now checking what I can throw away or give to Leger des Heils (Salvation Army). I want to get rid of my 2 lamps sitting on top of my dressoir in the dining area but Dutchman is protesting. He is worried that the new native lamp I bought in Cebu won’t give much light. Nothing to worry babe, hop on the car and we go to the hardware store to buy powerful light bulbs!

I’m a happy gal because I bought this really cool table lamp shade in Cebu. The drum shaped lamp shade is in crème fabric with a wicker base designed elegantly in geometrical curved lines. It’s very light so it was not a hassle to bring with us during the flight.

Today Saturday was hot and we visited several Tuin Centras. I’m searching for a huge black vase and fill them with long stemmed eucalyptus (love their smell!) and place them in the living room, but I can’t decide which vase I like. There is this vase though that kept coming back to mind. A huge imperial black vase with a silver base, it looked one of those oversized ancient Roman urn. It matches also the black lamp I have at home that has a silver base so I’m thinking of going back, but I’m not sure if I should buy a pair or just one?

I made spaghetti genovese and I love dipping my bread on balsamic vinegar and olive oil with a dash of milled pepper on it. The wooden salad bowl is made in the Philippines.

A basic salad is good enough for a nice dinner. This beautiful plate is made of capiz shells, also made in the Philippines.

Inspired with the warm weather and all the beautiful decors on sale in the shops we visited, we ate outside in the terrace and pampered ourselves to the last ray of light.

I love eating and living outdoors. I just wish I have more time in my hands to do more of this. OK no excuses… make time!

Tomorrow we hit the roads with our bikes and visit the Dutch sisters in IJsselstein. But before that Dutchman is going to swim and I will check out the gym. I am moving gyms and I need to sign up with my new membership but I doubt if they are open on Sundays for this. Nevertheless, tomorrow looks like fantastic day with beautiful weather, sunny, 23C maximum temperature and 16C minimum.

I love summers in Europe, the sun goes down very late and I don’t feel sticky too.

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