Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Star Ferry in Amsterdam

I had a quick after work drinks at the Star Ferry in Amsterdam Het IJ haven (beside the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam). It was my first time to be there and I quite like the place. It wasn’t a weekend so the restaurant was half full and the terrace empty, and because of the liberty of breathing space, the high ceiling heights and the massive glass walls, the café restaurant looked quite intimidating. I could imagine how it would be like on a Friday after work or during a 25C lunch day. People will be swarming with energy all over the place.

Suggestion for this restaurant: please place plants outside and candle lights on the tables, the terrace would look more inviting and gezellig.

Love, love the space and the abundance of glass and next foto is the empty terrace looking over to the other side of Het IJ. Star Ferry website is starferry dot nl. Check out the clouds in altocumulus formation.

Finger food I like, a couple of these were enough to tempt me away from dinner. I went home and cooked dinner only for the Dutchman. I really and badly need to go back watching what I eat! Next foto is another nice capture of the dramatic clouds and the sun's last rays for the day.

And as much as I want to drink – an old colleague was paying a visit and ordered Chablis, I only had 1 glass. The glass that will bring me home we joked about. I am driving that’s why. At the strike of 8, I bid everyone goodbyes.

The next day at the office I heard that some people went back to their homes at 5AM but miraculously managed to come to work 3-4 hours later. It looks like after the Star Ferry drinks, many went on to have dinner together and finished the night in many different fashions.

Honestly, and this may sound boring, I just don’t have the “zin” anymore to party. I’ve really become old or I guess I’d rather be with the Dutchman at home.

Travel Period: August 2009
Destination: Amsterdam East (North Holland), The Netherlands

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