Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Intro to Oslo: Edvard Munch

A lot of painters—and artists per se, lived very poignant and pitiable lives. Most of them had mental illness, suffered from severe depression and at some point were suicidal which makes you wonder and question the significance of their art. Perhaps this is the crux why they stand out, why their artworks have become world famous. It suitably and subtlety channels the volcanic chain of emotions gripping them in to their paintings, and then to the ordinary viewer, like you and me.

Like Edvard Munch, he was a great example of the above. He was constantly tormented by his psychoneurotic obsessively religious father who was utterly devoted to pietism, which I consider perilous by the way. I do not trust these radical religious fanatics.

So tomorrow I’m off to visit his legendary children—he was childless and considers his beloved paintings his children, and hopefully I will feel and experience the anguish he felt when he painted ‘The Scream’.

Until next week. In Oslo, Norway!

Travel Period: September 2009
Destinaiton: Oslo, Norway

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