Thursday, November 19, 2009

Introducing: the first European President

When the news came out that Belgian Prime Minister, Herman van Rompuy was elected by EU leaders during a closed dinner session tonight as the first European Union President, it didn't came as a surprise.

Herman van Rompuy reminds me of Merlin in the Arthurian legend. In this foto he looks like he has a sinister plan in mind, hehe. He actually has a sense of humor, very poetic and an avid blogger as well! Check out his haikus and his blog, but they are all in Dutch. Isn't it cool to have a president who is a real blogger?

Van Rompuy has been the front runner candidate for the EU Presidency, with the charming Tony Blair from the UK, Harry "Balkenende" Potter of the Netherlands and VVF iron lady of Latvia as other favoured candidates.

Obviously, van Rompuy coming from a "centre-right" political party in a centre-right filled EU parliament, with France and Germany backing him up (hint: both countries swearing against Turkey joining the EU) what else can we expect for a vote turnout? Left party leader Tony Blair wouldn't stand a chance in a right wing crowd, although Harry "Balkenende" Potter would probably have, being also centre-right.

During the press conference, it was cool to see President Herman van Rompuy address the public in a truly European fashion, in three languages, fluently: French, English and in his native tongue, Dutch.

Now the question is... who is going to lead (divided) Belgium now?

Here is an interesting comparison chart of the differences between an EU President and an American President, made by the BBC: EU and US President roles compared

On other news, it is so bloody warm for the season.

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