Sunday, November 15, 2009

What I am reading and My running therapy

I’ll post the rest of the travel entries later as I’m thrilled to share what I’m reading right now: Conde Nast's Traveller Magazine December issue and Royal Dutch KLM’s 6th issue of the iFly Magazine!

The Traveller Magazine has no online version but click on KLM’s iFly Magazine foto below featuring Jan des Bouvrie, Dutch designer who popularized affordable real living spaces in his interior designs to open the magazine and start reading!

Places featured that I so want to visit, it's making me want to pack now and go: St. Petersburg, next year would be it! Gotta get that Russian visa ready. Mexico is on it but I'm off to Cancun in January. Surprisingly, there’s a feature on Munich so I’m a bit ambivalent now on whether I should do Munich this December or save it for spring. Jan des Bouvrie (a very inspiring figure, from Dyslexia to popular Designer in the country) talks about glamour hideaway St. Tropez but I’m eyeing a more historical spot further south, Carcasonne...

Anyway, I am not done reading. I’m saving the rest of the stories for next week's evening reading time.

Today, I went running again. It’s been my weekly schedule now to run more than an hour every Sunday. Thirty-five minutes non-stop running, then a five-minute break in between and another thirty-five minutes run. Then I finish it with stretching exercises at home.

The run felt really good today even if it rained. The morning started with some harmless drizzles then it steadily picked up turning to real pelting rain. Luckily it was nothing like a torrential downpour, I didn’t have to seek shelter. But
strangely enough, the rain didn’t bother me a bit. I was so lost in my own world, focusing on my running tempo and the music blasting on my ears. I don’t know—but—there's some sort of spiritual encounter, like a coming together with yourself when you run, when you've conquered your own threshold of running. Everything around you doesn’t matter. It’s just you; your running and of course your music.

I’ve become a die hard I think, a running health nut—but I saw other die-hards running under the rain too. So I guess that’s okay.


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