Saturday, January 30, 2010

El Pueblo de Cancun: Mercado 23 y 28

Two markets I’ve wanted to visit in El Pueblo de Cancun also known as El Centro Cancun and Downtown Cancun are Markets 23 and 28.

Mercado 23

Market 23 is mainly a food market and is a bit rundown yet authentically Mexican. It has its own scruffy charm and very local too which is a major plus as I am always on the lookout for local places. Located across the main bus terminal of Cancun and just a stone’s throw away from my hotel—I’m glad I booked into this hotel as I am quite central to everything, I just couldn’t miss it. It was a pity Market 23 is small and there were not many vendors when I was there.

The chicken stalls look so pretty with the bright paint colours. Next foto is another shop selling wicker baskets.

Two boys selling food along the pedestrian walk. Hammocks for sale in the middle foto. Foto on the right are herbs and some variations.

A little restaurant inside the mercado and foto on the right are corn tortillas said the vendor that I chatted with rather briefly.

Large chicharron (pork cracklings) for sale and dried prawns.

Mercado 28

Market 28 on the other hand is bigger, cleaner and very touristy, it’s more of a bazaar really. I didn’t even bother asking for the price of the items on sale there as I am pretty sure they are tourist-overpriced-prices.

I think I have totally lost my edge for shopping. I like to look around especially when I am traveling in another country, take pictures, sometimes I get curious and jump into a discussion with the vendor but I rarely buy. Sounds very Dutch right? Kijken, kijken en niet kopen, lol. But I guess the difference here is I don’t really have the intention to shop unless I see something that I really like.

Mercado 28 could be a tourist trap but its much better than shopping last minute in the airport.

The mercado is like a mall actually and here on the left foto you can see some locals selling their wares. Middle foto are cute mexican puppet dolls and foto on the right are porcelain crosses. Majority of Mexicans are Catholics.

Here is a closer foto of the local women selling their wares. Next foto are the famous colourful Mexican ponchos.

I just like the set up, the bright colours of the subjects on foto on the left. You can see two musicians serenading a group having lunch in a restaurant. Foto on the right, menu for the day, well everyday.

These days I find myself not really having the urge to go out and shop. Shopping can easily become a chore. It’s a good feeling though to know that I don’t go shopping because I can’t but because I just don’t want to.

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