Friday, February 26, 2010

Lindengracht Market in Jordaan

The Lindengracht market is open only during Saturdays situated on the Lindengracht street in the heart of the Jordaan District in Amsterdam. I was actually searching for the famous organic farmers market of Amsterdam, the Noordermarkt, which happens to be in Jordaan as well but since we first landed in Lindengracht and we don’t have the time to do two markets in a day, we settled for this. I am reserving the Boerenmarkt - Noordermarkt for another time.

Zelfbediening means Self-Service. Fresh produce on sale in the Lindengracht market.

Fruits from free trade and globalisation: Oranges, Pineapples and Melons.

Little boy waiting for his mother by the bike with a wheelbarrow in front - this is very typical Dutch, kids and goods are loaded into it at the same time. Next foto is the omnipresent cheese vendor.

My girl friend asked me if the Dutchman ever gets jealous because we’ve just been out for a day and we’ve already had 2 encounters where I had to do a photo shoot with some men, lol, earlier at the hotel and this at the market. Anyway, as you can obviously see, I'm a little girl compared to the giant Dutch but then again I am wearing flats. Next fotos are fresh potted basil herbs and fennel - yummy for salads.

Melted chocolate with nuts and the street baker with loads of uncut loaves. The Dutch swears they have the best (sandwich) bread in the world because its soft and rich.

The open wooden stalls are all uniformed coming from the same supplier I guess and it can get busy in this market too.

The street market has a good mixture of goods on sale. From fresh produce, dairy, meat, fish, flowers, bread to dry goods such as clothing, shoes, CD’s and household items. It is so much cheaper here to shop than at the supermarkets, much cheaper even than LIDL.

I didn’t buy anything but my friends bought earmuffs to shield their freezing ears from the cold.

Summing up, I like the Lindengracht market; it has this kind of special atmosphere and a very local vibe to add. You see trickles of tourists passing through as well, and at the end of the Lindengracht you get to go around the corner and view and walk along the beautiful quaint canals with stunning old buildings that Jordaan is quite famous for.


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