Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pan Forest in Zeist

This weekend was back to regular programming where we normally enjoy our walks in the forest. It’s been weeks since we’ve done this so I was really looking forward to commune with nature once again.

The weather wasn’t really gorgeous; it was windy and still a bit cold for spring but it was nice to be outside. After the walk we went to the forbidden snack bar nearby and feasted on ‘patat oorlog’ (Dutch fries with mayo, sate and onions).

The Pan Forest in Bosch en Duin in Zeist, Utrecht is a nature reserve.

Spring has yet to come to the Netherlands but I can already hear the birds happily chirping early in the morning. They actually wake me up before my alarm clock does.

Panbos as locally called is quite popular by joggers. We seem to encounter them at every turn. On the left foto are gorgeous looking fungi.

The forest has many horse trails and we've come across a devil's fork tree!

More fotos of Panbos here and a green clearing.

The Pan Forest has a large network of horse trails, as well as walking trails ranging from 3 to 12 kilometers. There is also a golf course nearby. I’ve read that this forest is relatively young, born in the 19th century and the oldest tree here is 115 years old.

Location: Bosch en Duin, Zeist, Utrecht


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