Friday, April 30, 2010

It’s Queens Day in Utrecht and it’s raining and I’m outta here

Overheard in the airport the other day when I was sending Dutchman off: Dutch father and Spanish mother speaking English to each other; then Dutch father spoke Dutch to the two little boys while Spanish mother spoke Spanish to them. It must be an interesting experience for the kids growing up multilingual. They will also have better chances in the career market.

I guess I can consider myself multilingual? I speak 3 languages now and a dialect, and will hopefully add another language when I retire.

Queens Day last year in Utrecht Oudegracht (canal). Orange is the Royal Family's color based from the House of Orange bloodline.

Anyhow, its Queens Day today and its raining cows and cheeses outside, as well as I hear thunder and see bolts of lightning speeding across my window. I feel sorry for the Queens Night and Vrijemarkt festival revelers in Utrecht. I really do.

See you next week! I’m off to the former Eastern Bloc to spend a loooong weekend there and learn new things including greetings such as ‘dzien dobry’ and ‘witam’. I hope its better weather there.

Utrecht 2010

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