Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lake Garda, Italy: Lunch with a Lovely View in Sirmione at Il Grifone

We had lunch at this lovely place, a garden restaurant beside the 13th century Scaliger Castle called Il Grifone (Hotel) Restaurant.

The restaurant is tucked away from the busy touristy streets of Sirmione. Our table, under the olive tree shade was facing the gorgeous serene Lake Garda. There were lavender flowers in bloom everywhere, on the terrace, beside us, in front of our table, the place smelled so fresh and utterly divine. We couldn’t ask for more and we couldn’t get enough of it.

From where we were sitting, we could visibly see the Dolomites, its snow-capped mountains. I think there is snow there throughout the year. The English folks sitting near us told us—you could not ask for any better table in this restaurant. Hmm, I think they desperately wanted to switch tables with us, haha.

We had Prosecco for drinks. Blondine told me that in the Netherlands Prosecco is out? So what is in then? Well, guess what? Beer. My response: HUH

We had a plate of delicious goodness of mix grilled seafood: juicy shrimps and scallops, tuna belly that wonderfully melts in your mouth and ribbon squid served in a very elegant and delicate gourmet presentation. It was yummy, 5 stars of course. Then we had aubergine topped with mozarella and tomato sauce, and not in the foto, lovely grilled potatoes in rosemary for our side orders.

After paying the bill we wandered around the old walled town while enjoying a pistachio-lemon gelato in hand for dessert that we bought in a gelato shop around the corner. Heerlijk.

Dining on the Lake Garda and just look at our view... the nearby Dolomites.

Delicious mix grilled seafood: juicy shrimps and scallops, tuna belly that melts  in your mouth and ribbon squid. This was soooo delicious.

Aubergine with mozarella cheese and tomato sauce. Also scrumptious.

Travel Period: April 2010
Destination: Sirmione (Brescia - Lombardy), Italy

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