Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Venetian Lagoon Island: Lunch in Burano

We had lunch in Burano Island in a restaurant called, Bar Sport. A very interesting name for a restaurant I reckon. We sat outside of course.

Blondine had Pasta al Frutti di Mari while my lunch was typically Italian vegetarian--grilled vegies: peppers, aubergine and courgette, and green rucola and tomato salad on the side as well which we shared a bit. I love vegies, I can eat them every day.

The restaurant was quite busy, it was prime time lunch that they forgot to serve my grilled vegies on time. So I had to ask them about it and I had to WAIT longer. Good thing that I ordered a green salad so I started my lunch with it.

The prices were fairly decent though compared to Venice (obviously because this is in the islands, it is outside Venice) but Blondine was less pleased with her pasta. However, she only has great praises for the desserts. She ate mine as well as I cannot stand the sweetness!

So the verdict. 3.5 stars out of 5. Except for the desserts, I think Blondine will rate them 5 stars.

Beside the restaurant we found this cute cat sitting on the window sill. We tried to harass the cat but she was in her own world.

Our trip to Burano was lovely. We loved every minute of it. The charming and brightly coloured houses are one of a kind. They are so un-Venetian.

Travel Period: April 2010

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