Monday, June 21, 2010

Comic Strip Trail in Brussels

Still on Brussels... I didn’t get the chance to follow the comic strip trail that Brussels is famous for, however, I managed to see and snapped a few shots of the comic strip murals!

Brussels' Comic Strip Mural: left is TinTin (Mur BD) and right is Victor Sackville (Mur BD).

Brussels' Comic Strip Mural: left is Broussaille (Mur BD) and right is Le Passage (Mur BD).

Brussels, Belgium took post-war Europe on a whirlwind comic strip spin of the adventures of homegrown characters such as Tintin and Spirou, and later, Corentin, Blake and Mortimer, Lucky Luke, Buck Danny, Asterix, Johan and Pirlouit. The comic characters were very popular back then. Nowadays, Brussels boast of its rich comic strip history, there are 4 museums dedicated to comic strip art and dozens of comic book and merchandising shops can be found in the city.

Here is a map of the Comic Strip Trail in Brussels with fotos and explanations of the comic strip murals. The tour includes 31 murals at the moment, and increasing I believe.

Travel Period: May 2010
Destination: Brussels, Belgium

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