Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chateau in the middle of nowhere: Chateau de la Poste in Namur, Belgium

In most of my travels, I almost never blog about the hotel I stayed in, perhaps because my passion when traveling lies on discovering the country, the culture, the local culinaire and the people, and not my hotel bedroom or the hotel lobby and restaurant. I don’t stay in the hotel most of the day anyway—well, only to sleep. I am outside exploring new places, new things, new experiences and new ideas.

For this short trip in Wallonia, I wanted some nature. I wanted so badly to be surrounded with vegetation and mountains. I saw Chateau de la Poste, a lifestyle resort in the Ardennes mountains in my favorite hotel booking site and was right away attracted to its location. What I am trying to say is—I find this hotel very relaxing and very interesting as well, maybe because it’s a castle, so I took fotos of the interior and would like to share them here.

The chateau is located in the village called Maillen in the Assesse municipality of Namur province (Wallonia, Belgium).

This is the entrance of the castle from the main road.

I did a little walk so I can commune with nature and shoot a nice postcard foto of the chateau.

There are three salons in the chateau. Design is quite eclectic - a mixture of modern, period, log cabin country style with a touch of kitsch-ness.

My bedroom and bathroom.

The very surprising and modern breakfast room.

From the breakfast room you can walk outside to a corridor and down to the massive castle yard. The chateau is featured in the 'characteristic chain of hotels' book.

The terrace of the chateau hotel. I love the furniture design, the inflatable air sofa, very ingenious and practical (material looks like pvc tarpaulin).

The interior design is a mixture of contemporary, log cabin country style and surprisingly with a touch of royalty and kitsch-ness, both blending nicely with each other. I was told by the woman in the reception that the castle previously belonged to Princess Clementine of Belgium, daughter of Leopold II and wife of Victor Napoleon, the nephew of the king. Now I know why the restaurant of the chateau is named after her, Restaurant Chez Clementine.

The food here is lovely, the wine superb, the service great, there is attention to detail and the rooms are good. But most of all I love is its location: in the middle of the countryside, in the middle of the forest, in the middle of nowhere. I thank the Dutch in laws for this B-day gift!

Travel Period: July 2010
Destination: Maillen (Assesse - Namur), Belgium

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