Thursday, July 01, 2010

Geneva Eats, Place du Molard

When traveling lunches are my favorite time of the day because I always picture myself sitting on a charming sunny terrace, having light lunch—usually a salad with a glass of dry white—white indeed when it’s warm, and just watch the city go by.

In fact when I arrived in Geneve, I went on to search for the cafe terraces right away, unfortunately, there were no restaurant terraces along the shopping area and boulevard embankment except for cafés selling ice cream and drinks. I am looking for real café restaurants where one can have a good meal outside with a nice view but there was none that caught my attention. Maybe I was too early in the year and they only come out in late June to August?

Anyway, I finally found the only café terrace nearby the embankments, in Place du Molard.

Italian Restaurant, Molino Pizzeria Ristorante in Place du Molard and my unexciting Rucola-Parmesan Salad that looks like a heap of grass. Tip for the restaurant: Jazz up the presentation and put some color to the salad, like add sun dried tomatoes, maybe roasted pine nuts as well please.

I settled for this Italian restaurant, Molino and had to stand in the queue for a table. They must serve good food as they are so busy, I thought. I was finally seated on the corner table of the terrace and a jolly waiter came to place a chilled glass of prosecco on the table. “From the house, the restaurant is celebrating its 10 years anniversary today!” Nice, I got a free drink. Sante!

When my order came, I was a little bit perplexed because I am only seeing a bed of rucola leaves on my plate and parmesan cheese on top. Is this all it??? I reviewed the menu and indeed it only says rucola and parmesan. I was quite expecting for more, like some variety, maybe add sun dried tomatoes drenched in olive oil and perhaps a sprinkle of roasted pine nuts to go with it (now hear ye, this is a serious tip for the Molino restaurant!!!). Anyway, the balsamic vinegar and olive oil were really of superb quality so that helped.

Place du Molard and the Tour du Molard (Molard Tower) built during the 14th century. In the evening, the cobbled stones of Place du Molard turns into a galaxy of lights. Very pretty! 

I found this fat, lazy, old cat in Place de la Fuserie. So cute, I want to smother the fuzzy thing.

While lunching, I sighted Globus across where many people come and go and I noticed there are dining tables inside. After lunch I checked it out and found a nice array of small restaurants inside with lots of yummy eats! Eyeing vehemently the Spanish tapas bar and promised myself to come back for a quick dinner here later.

After wandering around Rive Gauche and Geneve’s Old Town, I trailed back to Place du Molard for the tapas. I had to control myself not to order more than 2 portions otherwise my waistline will suffer tremendously.

Quick and light: Octopus and Manchego cheese with Spanish Rioja red wine.

The Globus-Grand Passage along Place du Molard is really a treat. It is Geneva’s oldest 4-storey department store (a bit upscale, like Bijenkorf in the Netherlands or Harrods in England) and on the ground floor you will find an assortment of self-service restaurants featuring Asian cuisine, seafood, a pizzeria, Spanish tapas bar, crepes, baked goods, bars and many more. It’s a great place to go in Geneve if you want a quick and good eat.

Travel Period: May 2010
Destination: Geneva, Switzerland

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