Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh so lovely Ardennes countryside

Dear Flanders (Dutch speaking part in the north of Belgium),

Please reconsider divorcing Wallonia (French speaking part in the south of Belgium) because she is just awfully, spectacularly, ooh so magnifique-ally LOVELY! Her countryside is so amazing. It would be such a shame, an immense loss if she goes sovereign or returns to France.

AUB niet laten gaan. Niet loslaten. It is a sin!

Dutched Pinay

I swear on OVI Maps, best thing ever when I switched to Nokia Mini (I ‘had’ Nokia Navigator with Route66). FREE GPS/Maps to all countries! How can you not fall in love with that scenery?

Fields of barley, they shine like gold under the daylight sun.

Cattles are so organised. Follow the leader!

Lovely countryside views.

Can you tell these white cows were enchanted by my presence?

Lavender fields, it smells so divine here!

More cattles grazing the fields.

Barley for the winter.

Pretty much I went euphoric with the scenic panorama I encountered on every bend. I couldn’t help but stop the car every now and then, sometimes in the middle of the road, just to take a damn picture! That’s not a crime right? I am deep in the countryside so there is barely any car passing through every 2-5 minutes. OK, I am a road menace lol. But what can I do if it’s so lovely here?

Travel Period: July 2010
Destination: Assesse (Namur), Belgium

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