Saturday, July 31, 2010

Panini lunch at Eetcafe Lumiere in Oudewater, Netherlands

Aren’t we all guilty of procrastination? I have been putting off going to Oudewater, the little ‘witch-free’ town famous for its ‘Witches Weighing House’ (Heksenwaag) now a museum located not very far from Utrecht simply because—it’s not very far! Well, I have finally conquered my procrastination alibi and went there.

Eetcafe Lumiere from the Witches Weighing House.

But before I talk further about the lovely town and the witch tales in my next entries, I am going to have some lunch.

Lunch in Eetcafe Lumiere: salami and brie cheese panini, the usual green salad with alfalfa and fruit sidings, and fresh mint tea as well. Helaas, there was no salad on the menu =(

Here comes my fresh mint tea. Mint tea using fresh mint leaves have in recent years become popular owing it to the Moroccan mint tea tradition.

The square in Oudewater with terraces and the cafe restaurants where you can order food and drinks.

This lunch is 4 stars out of 5 stars.

During the warmer months, the square in the center of Oudewater is speckled with terraces. When the sun is out, this is definitely the best place to have lunch or coffee while enjoying the convivial atmosphere of a little town.

Travel Period: July 2010
Destination: Oudewater (Utrecht), The Netherlands

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