Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tapas in a chateau

During my short holiday in Wallonia, Belgium early this month I stayed at Chateau de la Poste, a beautiful castle in the middle of nowhere, exactly just what I had on prescription. This was during the World Cup fever so naturally I watched the game, in the castle’s salon while Dutchman watched in a bar somewhere in the islands of the UK. That night was the Netherlands vs Uruguay semi-finals match and while searching for the best seat in the salon I told the waiter I won’t be taking my order in the restaurant and he got the drift, hehe.

Chateau de la Poste from the main road. The restaurant in the chateau is called Chez Clementine and I was really surprised when the tapas arrived. They looked so pretty, I had to take fotos of each =)

I originally ordered a variety of cheeses and jams to go with my red wine but the head waiter came back and told me they ran out of cheeses. He suggested tapas instead which I gladly approved. Are you kidding me? I love, love tapas!

Close up fotos of the tapas:

Toast with black olive tapenade.

Grilled peppers and courgette on a stick with croutons.

Artichokes with some paste that I can't really identify except that it was yummy

A little cup of crayfish and shrimps with rucola and grissini.

Lightly grilled and sprinkled with olive oil spring onion and tomatoes.

Lovely meal, this definitely goes into my favorite travel meals list. Its a great idea to partner spring onions with semi-dried tomatoes. The Spanish dried chorizos were a disappointment though. Let the Spanish stick to making hams and Italians take over the dried sausages.

My rating: 4.2 stars out of 5! Restaurant Chez Clémentine at the Château de la Poste in Maillen, Namur, Belgium

The telly was not so big but I had a great seating in the salon. On it was when Holland scored against Uruguay, unfortunately the Dutch lost to Spain in the finals 2 weeks ago.

The terrace, an extension of the salon and restaurant.

Travel Period: July 2010
Destination: Maillen (Assesse - Namur), Belgium

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