Friday, July 30, 2010

Voy a Al-Andalus

Finally, our long-awaited Andalusian summer holiday is booked! It will be a 2-week holiday of sun, relaxation, fun, beach, culture and gastronomy. We will be staying on the southern coastal province. I deliberately picked this location because it is right in the middle of Andalusia giving us between 100 and 150 kilometers distance (1 to 1.5 hours) from the other capital cities and important towns of the other 7 provinces.

Spain Map and its 17 Regions

Andalusia (Al-Andalus) Region and its 8 Provinces:

What’s more, the hotel we are staying is perfectly located on the beach coast, has a free WI-FI so I can continue documenting my travel entries at the end of the day, that is, when I have the time and I am in the mood. When holidaying, I sometimes get lethargic you know =)

And aren’t we lucky? The annual 10-day ‘Feria de Malaga’ (Malaga Festival) starts on the second week of August! This is a fun-filled colorful cultural event where locals revel on the streets in traditional costumes dancing to the flamenco tune. There will be cuisine aficionados showcasing typical Andalusian tapas and wines in every plaza corner, as well we will be able to witness the gruesome Corrida de Toros (bullfights) event that attracts the best matadors in the country, and lots and lots of fireworks, entertainment and many more. Wow, I am really looking forward to this!

Travel Period: August 2010
Destination: Andalucia, Spain

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