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Donkey Trails and the Rock Shrine in Mijas, Malaga

Mijas is the most popular and most visited white-washed villages in Andalucia because it is the nearest pretty village to the costa (coast) where most of the holidaymakers go. For this reason, Mijas is particularly touristy; it is full of souvenir shops, which, for some travelers who are searching for the ‘local pueblo experience’ might find tacky—Not for me though, I find these knick-knack shops inviting (although I do not really buy trinkets), they add charm to the village streets, as well as these people are locals trying to earn a living.

Donkey Trails

One of the primary attractions in Mijas, aside from the cute oval-shaped bullring, the white-washed houses and having several museums, is the donkeys. The donkeys are stationed right in front of the tourist office that is adjacent to the town hall. They are so cute but I don’t know why, I kind of pity the animals, they had to labour for hours for all the young tourists. There are horse drawn carriages available as well.

The donkey taxi service in Mijas is primarily very popular for the kids but wait a minute--on the foto, that doesn't look like a kid to me sitting on the carriage? The beautiful building in the background is the Mijas Town Hall.

 The donkey taxi station in front of the tourist office.

For the adults, there are (romantic) horse drawn carriages (ride).

Rock Shrine

Just a little bit further to the right of the donkey station is the ‘Mirador’ (el compas view point). Beautiful views to the coast can be sighted here. This is also the location of the ‘Shrine of the Virgin of the Rock’.

The facade of the rock shrine of the Virgen de la Peña, the Patron Saint of Mijas at the Paseo El Compas.

The shrine holds the image of the Virgin of the rock, the patroness of Mijas. It is set in the rock by the El Compas vantage point. According to legend, the image of the Virgin was hidden for five centuries and was found in 1586 by a builder, the father of two shepherd boys who were led to the hiding place by a dove. Cool.

The rock shrine is also a chapel.

It has a little museum as well of religious paraphernalia.

And the lovely view from the Sierra de Mijas all the way down to the Costa del Sol... that must be Fuengirola far down there on the coast.

More of Mijas next... muchos besos!

Travel Period: August 2010
Destination: Mijas (Malaga - Andalucia), Spain

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