Sunday, August 29, 2010

Live curious

I am not a TV or movie person and the only reason why I watch TV is because of Discovery Channel, National Geographic and all travel, documentary and news-related programs. This poem aired by National Geographic caught me this week, which I believe is one of their recycled advertisements, totally reflects what I live for.

If you are, you breathe.
If you breathe, you talk.
If you talk, you ask.
If you ask, you think.
If you think, you search.
If you search, you experience.
If you experience, you learn.
If you learn, you grow.
If you grow, you wish.
If you wish, you find.
If you find, you doubt.
If you doubt, you question.
If you question, you understand.
If you understand, you know.
If you know, you want to know more.
If you want to know more, you are alive.

To see the video, go here: IF – Live Curious by National Geographic

Of course a foto must go with the poem above and I choose this one taken in Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines last year, August 2009. I snapped this couple on their scooter with their proud dog looking like an experienced scooter rider as we overtook them, me strapped behind Dutchman on a (rental) scooter as well.

After my Spanish holiday entries, I will start posting our Bantayan Island holiday stories and beautiful fotos in Cebu, Philippines last year, a long overdue post due to fotos being lost in the camera-laptop-USB stick-laptop transfer process.

Bantayan! (which means in Tagalog—Abangan, and in English—Stay tuned)

Travel Period: August 2009
Destination: Bantanyan Island (Cebu - Visayas Region), The Philippines

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