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The sights, sounds and smell of La Boqueria

I thought I wrote about La Boqueria in this blog but just found out I have not. What a shame really. I don’t know why I have not but this lovely food market in La Rambla, Barcelona, ‘Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria’ just can’t be ignored. So after almost 3 years since I was there—November 2007 to be exact, I’m posting an entry with fotos!

Now the reason I’m inspired to feature this wonderful place, a place where I very much enjoyed wandering around and being caught up in a web of surprises through its colours, sights, sounds and smell... is because... I am leaving in a few days to Andalusia, Spain! For the summer holiday =)

Entrance of St. Joseph's Mercat de la Boqoueria... with a smiling Herr Philippe =)

Lots of cured meat and spiced sausages, and hanging jamon leg cuts. I just looooooove jamon iberico with all of my heart.

Fruits, a whole chicken and all types of olives.

These spring onions are gigantic.

One of my favorite pictures, colourful hanging spices.

Then we go to the fish section where most of the activity is, but before that, I have here below a short video clip I made, documenting the busy activity in the seafood section of Boqueria.

This fresh seafood stand selling all sorts of shellfish and strange looking sea creatures is one of the busiest!

Another favourite pictue, a massive fish head with the fishmonger in action.

Percebe gallego, strange looking sea creatures here, not sure what they are in English. 

Dark lobsters and crayfish.

No, what kind of fish is this with a long pikey nose?!

 The dried fish scene. Salted cod: Bacalla

Dried fruits and nuts.

Trivia: Did you know that Mercat de la Boqueria’s history go back to the early 13th century? Nowadays, the market is not only serving the local community but attracting millions of tourists every year as well.

I came here with a friend/ex-colleague Her Philippe who loved taking fotos of anything. He is worse than me, I swear, and you can just imagine when we stepped inside that buzzing market, we were totally ecstatic!

Here are the food galore and restaurant section inside the market...

More of Spain in the coming weeks, and more market stories as well!

Travel Period: November 2007
Destination: Barcelona, Spain

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Happy Travels! Enjoy Life =)

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