Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Welcome to La Carihuela

I am probably just halfway through my Andalusian holiday entries, I mean we stayed in Andalusia for 3 weeks so we have done so much and seen so many places! Anyway, back to Torremolinos. There are actually two parts of Torremolinos along Costa del Sol and that is the main Torremolinos area, more like the new part where the tall apartment and hotel buildings are located, and La Carihuela, the old part of the town.

Chiringuito means a bar on the beach, lots of these in Costa del Sol.

La Carihuela though is much prettier, authentic, vibrant and charming than Torremolinos. It used to be a fishing village until tourism discovered and transformed her into a sun holidaymaker’s mecca. Luckily, she has managed to preserved her little seaside village feel. There are more bars happening in La Carihuela as well and the outdoor terraces and shops are always a delight so Dutchman and I spent a lot of time in the evening here, not to party but to dine, walk around, relax and enjoy the nice vibes of the place.

Here are some fotos of La Carihuela:

The promenade and the playa (beach), those are police on their segway. Oh, tragic news by the way, the British CEO of segway died a day ago.

La Carihuela from the rocky cliff that separates the town from Torremolinos, by day and by night.

Moi on the boulevard and some La Carihuela scenes.

As you can see in the foto above, the outdoor restaurants can really get busy here, especially after 21:00. The Spaniards eat late and there were hordes of them vacationing in Costa del Sol.

Outdoor cafe/restaurant terraces and shops.

Flamenco children's dresses for sale and street name signs here are made from ceramic which is very typical Andalusian.

San Miguel Beer and many houses here have ceramic walls from the outside and inside, for aesthetic reasons, as well as functional--helps cool off the house from the summer heat.

More of La Carihuela scenes here.

Travel Period: August 2010

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