Sunday, October 24, 2010

Asian Trending: ‘Filipino High Tea’ in Cebu

Move over old English High Tea and make room for the new ‘Filipino High Tea!’ or ‘Filipino Afternoon Tea!’ whichever suits best during the time of the day =)

When I am in Cebu I always stop by at Café Laguna for some Filipino merienda indulgence. My all-time favourite here is mangga (mango), puto (sticky rice) and sikwate (chocolate drink/dip from traditionally processed cocoa tablets). My family used to have this as breakfast during the weekends eons back when we were kids.

Anywho, I was about to order the usual mangga-puto-sikwate fare when I caught sight of ‘Filipino High Tea’ for only Php 310.00 on the menu, good for 2 people.

Here’s what you get for the Filipino High Tea:

- A pot of ‘pandan’ tea with 2 cups
- Mini ‘puto’ (rice bread) burgers with shredded chicken adobo
- Mini banana turon covered with caramelized brown sugar and sesame seeds
- Espasol wrapped in banana leaves
- Mini ‘bibingka’ (rice cake) topped with kesong puti (white cheese) and itlog maalat (salted egg), and garnished with coconut flakes.

‘Pandan’ leaf  tea and ‘espasol’ sticky rice pastry wrapped in banana leaves.

‘Turon’ (fried plantains lumpia in brown sugar sprinkled with sesame seeds) and mini ‘puto’ burgers (rice bun) with shreds of chicken adobo.

The ‘bibingka’ (rice cake with local white cheese, salted egg and topped with coconut flakes).

I’m not a sweet tooth type but I enjoyed the banana turon and bibingka while Dutchman says the pandan tea tasted like boiled socks, lol. Rating is 4 stars out of 5!

Tip to Café Laguna: partner with beach resorts, hotels, tours and travel agencies all over Cebu to include the ‘Filipino High Tea’ (or Filipino/Cebuano Merienda) at any Café Laguna branch as part of the city tour. Not only you will be promoting your restaurant but this ultimately promotes Filipino cuisine as well. Just think about the (massive) opportunity. It’s about time!

Travel Period: October 2010
Destination: Cebu City (Cebu - Visayas Region), The Philippines

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