Saturday, October 23, 2010

Our view right now at BE Resorts in Mactan Island

So we are staying now here in Mactan Island to escape from the chaotic civilization of Cebu. It’s time for the real holiday: a holiday at the beach

The view from our hotel room when we woke up this morning and the morning after next and next and next...

Relaxing view from our breakfast table at BE Resorts, Punta Engano, Mactan Island (Cebu, Philippines).

Although Mactan Island is far from being the paradise island for beach lovers, it is the nearest place with holiday resorts that offer sun, beach, island boat hopping, snorkeling and diving from Cebu City. A few facts here: Mactan Island is actually a coral island and in the beginning there are hardly any white sands here, moreover beaches. What most resorts did was to reclaim the beach by hauling white sand from other parts of the region to the island. So whenever you are in Mactan Island, sitting on the beach and digging your toes under its white sands... do not be fooled. Remember, it is ‘artificial beach’ =)

The island however is rich in history. Year 1521: It was here that the Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, commissioned by the King of Spain was killed during a battle on the Mactan shores by Lapu-Lapu, one of the local chieftains in the island.

The resort hotel has a relaxing theme and colour scheme. 

I like this hanging chair.

Very interesting furniture and accessory designs.

The view from the outdoor terrace to the pools and the small beach.

My cute little nephew.

Another breakfast picture. I ate mangoes!

Ready to hit the beach here. Will probably do nothing, maybe read a magazine, stare at the (fake) beach, stare at the sky, stare at the Dutchman who is red as a tomato and stare at the other girl as well - they seem to be the only ones baking themselves under the sun. The rest of the Asian tourists are hiding, afraid from the sun, haha.

I like that they have a small outdoor pool by the beach and by the bar, most especially I like the modern and minimalist design and colours, very soothing to the eyes. Great for de-stressing.

You can charter an outrigger as well to visit the neighbouring islands.

 My nephew and moi.

Travel Period: October 2010
Destination: Mactan Island (Cebu - Visayas Region), Philippines

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