Sunday, November 28, 2010

IJsselstein City Hall

I always come to IJsselstein but mainly for family matters and not in the centre of town. This year, 2010, IJsselstein is 700 years old as a municipality in Utrecht. IJsselstein is pronounced as ‘i-sel-styne’.

The beautiful former IJsselstein Gemeentehuis (City Hall) on Utrechtsestraat built during 1560 upon the orders of Willem van Oranje (William of Orange) is now a national monument and a cafe restaurant called, Brasserie 1560.

The foto above was taken at the onset of autumn—September perhaps. I bought a ‘saucijzenbroodje’ (a typical Dutch warm pastry made of ground sausage inside a wafer-like bread) from a bakery store at the beginning of Utrechtsestraat by the stone bridge. And as I munched on my broodje and walked further down the main street I could feel the stares digging uncomfortably into my clothes, especially from the ‘hangjongeren’ (young boys—bystanders) on the little square in front of the old city hall that is now a brasserie.

Typical of small villages perhaps? People stare at you because you are a stranger? Or maybe the hangjongeren felt threatened I am entering their territory!

IJsselstein sits south of Utrecht Region just after Nieuwegein. The tram from Utrecht Centrum goes here.

Visit Period: September 2010
Destination: IJsselstein (Utrecht), The Netherlands

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