Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kaapse Bossen Walks

At the onset of autumn, which was last September, we visited a nearby forest in Doorn, Utrecht called ‘Kaapse Bossen’. We´ve been here many times but every time we come here for a walk we always take a different section of the forest. This time we started at Helenaheuvel and we followed the Kaapse Bossen (red) trail which is about 6 kilometers.

Dutch forests have relatively thin needle-like trees.

There were other walking routes as well, some are more than 10 kilometers. Pegs (see far left foto) and signboards with information about the trail, the area, as well as its flora & fauna are everywhere so you will never get lost.

Surprise... !

The trail brought us to Toren ‘De Kaap’, a wooden viewing tower in the middle of the forest. The tower has no lift so we climbed up the stairs catching our breaths as we reached the top. The reward was a lush view of the surroundings, and ohthe Netherlands is soooo darn flat! =) We stayed up in the tower for some time watching a couple of hot air balloons racing with each other.

After the walk, we stopped by at a roadside restaurant and treated ourselves with some nourishment. Dutchman had raisin pancake while I had chicken asparagus soup. One thing I like about this finale is I do not have to cook when we get home.

The Toren De Kaap, our surprise come upon. Warning: It has no lift! This was a huffing and puffing climb. Ah, only for the fit. Good exercise though.

Walking Period: September 2010

Destination: Doorn (Utrechtse Heuvelrug - Utrecht), The Netherlands

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